I had a rough day today. Not to bore you with my nerd-life, but I have a ton of work to do for the international baccalaureate program [like advanced placement, but international], some killer French oral exams to do [I fail at French], and hell week [AKA tech week] for my school play, which involves staying in school until 10:00 PM at night.

In the middle of rehearsal today I started receiving vicious comments, and even a threat, on my blog. I was considering deleting my blog, as much as I didn’t want to, to stop the issue, however, after crying and talking it out with a very kind new friend, I decided not to. The reasons I decided to keep the blog up is that A. I believe in freedom of speech, B. I don’t believe I wrote anything wrong on here, C. everything written on my blog that people had an issue with can be found on other websites [which are credited in the posts]. In addition, I never post any other ravers’ names, any rave crew’s names or contact information, or locations of any raves. The only person the police could trace from this website [although I highly doubt they’re reading my blog for information on who to arrest] is me. Cops are a lot more likely to look on facebook, where addresses of raves and names of ravers are public information. Anything on this site is stuff I’m sure they already know or could easily find out.

Obviously, a threat is serious and for that reason I will be laying low for a while. That doesn’t mean I wont be raving, because I wont let a few people scare me from doing something and being around people I love, but it does mean I will be a lot more cautious in the upcoming weeks. I will be traveling in larger groups [I guess no outlaws for me!], I will not be posting which event I’m going to on twitter, facebook, or my blog [if you are a friend of mine and want that information you can contact me], and I will probably be checking out the rave scene in upstate New York soon [which will be fun, it’ll give me a blog topic!]

I’m sorry for anyone my blog has offended and I hope this post clarifies any issues you are having. If you’d like to discuss it more, please e-mail me at and we will talk. If you make valid points against any of my blog posts I will be happy to remove or edit them.

Thank you again to those who have supported RSR and have been continuously reading, and a special thank you to the man who has been talking me through this, helped me understand the real issues, and supported me no matter what my decision was in the future of this blog [you know who you are].

Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect,

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Rules of the Outlaw.

Last Friday there was a major outlaw planned in Brooklyn. In the past I avoided outlaws for fear of getting arrested, but because of the awesome DJs spinning, the mass amounts of friends who would be in attendance, and the fact that I had a ride and didn’t have to suffer mass transit, I decided to go. I was looking forward to the outlaw for weeks, however, as soon as my friends and I exited the car and began walking to the spot, we were told by a passing raver “Turn back, it’s been raided, they’re arresting people left and right.”

I had noticed issues on the way to the party- it was too obvious, I could spot ravers from a mile away, traveling in large packs in their neon clothing. Didn’t these people read the rules on the facebook page for the event? Didn’t they know to park far enough away, wear black, hide their kandi, and travel in groups of two or three? Clearly not. It was my first outdoor outlaw and I had enough common sense even without the research to know the rules. Why did these kids have to ruin it for me?

So I decided to compile a list of rules for the outlaw, in hopes that next time I venture out, bundled in dark sweaters, carrying blankets to sit on, the ravers know how to act so our night of music and friendship isn’t busted by a few uptight cops.

  1. If you see a cop, act natural. Don’t freak out and exclaim to your friends “cops!” If they pull up next to you, ask if there’s a problem, and then tell them you’re on your way to the 7-11, all night Walmart for chips, a friends house, etc. Whatever you see nearby that would make sense for teenagers to be headed between 10 PM and 10 AM. By no means should you tell the cops that you’re attending a party or music festival. Outlaws are illegal. It will get busted.
  2. On the other hand, if the cops already know about the rave, don’t lie to them. If you’re on the other side of the fence from the party, and it’s obvious you’re attending it, tell them you were going to the “music festival.” Never say rave. The word “rave” holds a negative connotation. If they tell you to leave, don’t argue. Turn around and leave. You can always come back later when the coast is clear.
  3. Never carry drugs or weapons. That is how you get arrested. 99.9% of the time no one will arrest you for attending an illegal rave. If anything, you will be ticketed for trespassing, and usually that’s reserved for whoever planned the party. However, if they find drugs on your person you could be arrested for possession or intent to sell. On a similar note, if the cops stop you and ask if you have drugs, tell them no, and hold out your bag and ask if they want to search you. Generally, they’ll say no and let you be on your way. Why would you tell them to search you if you were carrying? Don’t smoke weed on the way up. They can smell that shit. If you need something to do with your bored asses, take a drag on a cancer stick. Last time I checked, those were legal.
  4. I don’t care who you’re fucking, who you want to be fucking, who your best friend is, who your best friend is fucking, who drove you to the event, whatever, never travel to the spot in groups of more than two or three. Even three is a lot. Actually, you’re better off going solo. Meet up with your crew later. Large groups equal a party or other sort of gathering. Cops are drawn to large groups of teens like an etard to a fur coat.
  5. Hide your kandi. Cops see kandi and think drugs. Cops think drugs and get ready to arrest teenagers. Keep your kandi in your bag, under your sweatshirt, whatever. I don’t care how bright and shiny and colorful it is. Same goes for glow sticks. You don’t need those on the streets unless you’re directing traffic.
  6. Actually, don’t dress how you normally would for a rave. I don’t want to see your bright orange fuzzy gators, rainbow UFO pants, binkies, or hair falls. If you insist upon wearing these things, keep it in your bag or covered by your street clothes until you arrive at the spot and it’s clear you’re at a rave. Nothing is more suspicious then young adults dressing like 5 year olds walking down the street…
  7. Don’t arrive early, don’t come back to the spot. If you’re at the outlaw spot when an outlaw isn’t going on, you’ll just up the chances that it’ll be found. Once a spot is raided, you can’t go back.
  8. I’m sure everyone’s heard the stories of people being killed at an outlaw… I know I did. So don’t kill anyone. The stories I’ve heard have all been a drug dealer selling fake pills and an angry druggie attacking, but really… beat him up, rob him, whatever… just please don’t kill the dealer. On the other hand, don’t beat up or rob anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. Leave the innocent home. If you need money for a train home, ask around. Someone will help you out.
  9. Follow the PLUR… that goes without saying…

As you can see, the key to an outlaw not being raided is pretty much common sense. I don’t really understand why people have such difficulty with it. Point of the story is, if you’re going to an illegal rave in Brooklyn, NYC, don’t be stupid, don’t be a dick, or don’t come out at all. You’re ruining the fun for the rest of us.


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Rave Aid.

I’d like to take this time to tell you all about a wonderful new product, RaveAid!

From their website:
RaveAid is the ONLY dietary supplement designed to support health during sensory stimulating events such as a rave, music festival, or night at the club.* Sensory experiences can cause stress on the mind and body resulting in loss of concentration, depression, and fatigue. With RaveAid, you can stay focused, content, and replenished – even after the most extreme parties!* RaveAid contains the highest grade neuroprotective ingredients for sensory enhancement and come down relief.*

RaveAid was scientifically formulated using hundreds of anecdotal reports and academic
studies, so you can be sure you’re getting the right nutrients to heighten experience and
reduce harm during sensory stimulating events.* RaveAid’s premium ingredients include
5-HTP, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Each bottle
contains 60 easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules for maximum absorption and effectiveness”

This wonderful product can be ordered at using the promo code PLUR. This code will get you $5 off your purchase! =)


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A Series of Unfortunate Events…

Last night awful things kept happening to my group… unfortunate tidings kept falling upon us and we didn’t even end up raging. Where do I even start?!

At around 7:00 PM I got picked up by my ride, two guys who were with me that night I was almost arrested, and two guys I didn’t know yet and we excitedly headed to Brooklyn. Each of us had different goals for the night, see friends, party hard, dance all night, take mad drugs, sex, etc. and we listened to music and exclaimed our excitement. We were headed to Supernatural5, the 6th of a yearly outdoor outlaw rave, held in Coney Island. The rave had never been raided by the cops before, so although there’s always that risk at an outlaw rave, no one was really worried.

As per request of the event, I dressed in dark colors, left my rave bag [a Hamtaro backpack] at home, and only worse a few pieces of kandi, hidden under my sleeves. The goal was to not call attention to ourselves so the cops wouldn’t bust the illegal party.

I had been looking forward to this event for weeks. I convinced all my friends to come, even though it was pretty freezing out for an outdoor rave, and one of the guys I used to be involved with [who gave me my first piece of kandi and first got me interested in raving] was spinning and I wanted to see him. Plus the last party I went to was bad, empty with no one dancing, so I was excited to see the people and dance the night away.

We finally arrived at the spot around an hour after it was supposed to start, after picking up my girl friend, Ida, from the train station. Due to the nature of the underground event, directions are not available to the general public. You gotta know someone to attend. My car had been to past Supernaturals, but we still got lost finding the place. When we finally arrived we were approached by a few guys who told us “Turn back, the cops are there searching and arresting everyone.” So we decided to wait in the car until we could get more info. We began hitting up all our friends and questioning every raver who walked by our car. Two of the guys decided to go down to check it out for themselves, promising to call us with information. While they were down there, one of the guys decided to roll a joint [despite my protestations that this was stupid due to all the cops floating around]. Of course, that would be the moment a cop pulls up. Seeing the weed on the kids lap, he made us all put our hands in front of us and the kid was arrested. He asked the rest of us if we had any drugs and we all [truthfully] insisted we did not and that he could search us if he wanted to. Luckily, he let us go, but our poor friend was gone, and got stuck in the police station for hours until his dad picked him up in the morning.

Ohemgee if we only knew what else the night had in store for us. We would have turned around and went home right there. But alas, we are ravers, and we weren’t going home without getting to party.

Our friends that had gone down to check out the party finally called and said it was fine, the DJs were setting up, and everyone was chilling waiting for the party to start. So, Ida, the kid driving us, and I packed up our stuff, grabbed a blanket, and headed out into the cold to the outdoor rave we were so looking forward to. Seeing a large group of kids headed in the opposite direction of the rave, I stopped them and asked what the deal was. They said that the cops were searching everyone and making people leave. The DJs were packing up, and kids are seen sprinting from the outlaw spot every few minutes. People were getting arrested and the party wasn’t happening. Damn. We headed back to the car to wait for our friends.

Two of our other friends who didn’t come up with us then approached the car, asking for us to bounce to another rave with them. At first we protested that we were waiting for the other guys, but the two new additions to the group claimed they saw them leave with another car. So we headed out to another rave on the other side of Brooklyn, Nocturnal Rituals. About ten minutes into the ride the guys called us asking where we were, but we weren’t turning back.

Nocturnal Rituals. Probably 1:00, 1:30 AM. Packed to capacity. With another 30 of us standing outside in the staircase waiting to get in. Didn’t look like it was happening. After waiting about twenty minutes, our group decided to leave and find another party, leaving behind one kid who refused to go with us.

Supernatural got moved to a warehouse, but by the time we got there, it was at capacity and they wouldn’t let us in. At 3:00 AM, we were tired, bored, and unhappy not having gotten to rave yet, and the woman outside the party was nasty to us, which didn’t make things better, so we crammed back into the car and decided to hit the after party, which the guy who got me into raving told me he was now at. While on the way the kid driving ran over the curb, popping one of our tires, and making the night even worse. Calling Gieco to change the tire, we began to wait.

Obviously, waiting sucks. Especially for a bunch of kids who just want to get out to a party. We began flagging down every cab that passed, asking them to take us to the address given to us for the after party, which none of them knew the way to. At 4:30 AM, the tire had been changed, and we gave up. And the suckish night came to a close.

Ida and I fell asleep on the way back to Nyack, a few towns over from where I live, not waking up until we were at our friends house, where we all decided to crash. Due to our lack of adrenaline from our lack of partying, it was easy to fall asleep and we were all dead the second we hit the couch.

A series of unfortunate events that evening was. A night that was promised to be epic by all the rave promoters and DJs failed to deliver, although I guess that was more the fault of the cops and the tiny venues they booked. I was supposed to spend the evening on Long Island with a guy I’ve been crushing on, but the excitement of the outlaw drew me to Brooklyn, and that was probably the big mistake on my part. The night could have been saved had I only went to see him. I didn’t get to see the man I was involved with who introduced me to the raving culture, and I didn’t get to see my numerous rave friends who were hitting up my phone “where are you?!” all night. I didn’t get to dance to any tight EDM and I didn’t get to give out the kandi I made for the event.

Raving is certainly an adventure, nothing ever goes as planned. I guess the night just wasn’t meant to be.


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10 Commandments of Being a Raver

This post is inspired by a post @TDZ_Hypnosis put on twitter, where he put his idea of the “10 Commandments of Being a Raver.” Which got me thinking… what would be the 10 Commandments of Raving? I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Here’s my thoughts on the topic!

The 10 Commandments of Being a Raver
By the Fabulous Genius who is Emilie

  1. If you can’t rave sober, you shouldn’t rave at all. You shouldn’t need drugs to have fun. It’s okay to take them, but they shouldn’t run your life. Everyone should also experience their first rave sober so they know what to expect.
  2. Never rave alone. It’s dangerous, and even though your fellow raver should look out for you, you never know who’s going to be there. Not only will your friends protect you from the creepers by pretending to be your significant other, but they’ll stop you from going home with someone who might not look so hot in the morning light.
  3. Know the location you’re headed to and how to get there. Nothing is worse then getting lost in a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn when you’re dressed in rave gear… you become bait for cops, rapists, and hobos asking for money alike.
  4. Know your limits. If you generally take 1 pill, don’t take 4. If you had a late night the day before, you may not want to stay at the party till 9:00 AM. This is what leads to overdoses. Overdosing 14-year-old etards is what leads the man to propose laws banning raves. Do all the drugs you want, but do them at home where you wont ruin our good time.
  5. Dress appropriately. By that I mean, wear comfortable sneakers. Your feet will thank you. There’s nothing funnier— I mean sadder— than those girls who show up to raves in stiletto heels and have bleeding heels by the end of the night.
  6. Buy pre-sale and come early for any event where it’s possible, especially massives. Unless you enjoy standing on line in the freezing cold for three hours. Then be my guest, wait to buy at the door, and heck, come late! Some of the best friendships are made while trying to bum cigarettes off the cranky kid standing in front of you on the line.
  7. Make friends. Especially with drug dealers. Even if you don’t roll, smoke, sniff, etc. these kids have money and may buy you a water bottle or throw down some bills to help you get home in the morning. In fact, you should probably sleep with them. That way you get more benefits than just free drugs, free water, and a ride home. They may give you an STD or the greatest gift of all… a child who will love you forever. Or get aborted, which is probably a good idea if you popped pills during pregnancy.
  8. Be prepared for everything and expect the worst. Always stash some extra cash. I literally sew a $20 bill in my bra before I go out. The goal is to go home with this money, but you never know what’s going to happen. Also consider bringing a cellphone charger or extra battery, lip balm, condoms, makeup, and extra layers. Better safe with an overstuffed backpack than having no way of calling your crew, bloody lips, a baby in utero, looking like a frozen cheap hooker with mascara running down your cheeks.
  9. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t speak badly about the DJs, promoters, security, or anyone else involved with the event until you are far away from the venue. Although ravers try to abide by PLUR, many of them still can and will kick your ass.
  10. Share your water, friends, kandi, and love. Don’t be selfish. You’ll feel guilty when others offer you things if you don’t pay it forward. As so many promoters put it “don’t do anything that will make me own your ass.” In other words, follow PLUR or so help you God… shits going down.

So what are your 10 Commandments of Being a Raver?


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My Saturday Night in Photos

There’s not much to say about what went down on Saturday… it was… interesting? The big rave that was supposed to be going down got moved to Friday night last minute [and I couldn’t make it out on Friday] so as a chance to salvage the night, someone threw a warehouse party in Brooklyn. It was small. When I first arrived at 11:30 PM there were maybe 10 people there. When I left at 3 AM there were about 30 people. Although there was a DJ and some kickass lights set up in the lower level, most people were hanging out upstairs and it had less of a rave feel.

Since I don’t really have any good stories to tell [except a guy pretty much offering to be my sugar daddy, why do these things keep happening?!] I figured I’d just post some pictures from the night… since I promised I’d have a post today. Enjoy! =)

Pre rave excitement on the train ride up!

Me not ready to take a picture...


Kandi, raver glasses, furry jacket...

I loved the graffiti by the train station...

My friend Angel, who became my best friend after spending the entire night chilling.

My best friend Ida and I.

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Why Rave?

After reading some of the comments I’ve received, @purplexlove suggested I write a post on why I really rave. Although in the past I’ve claimed it’s for the friendship and music- it’s all about the drugs and sex, obviously!

The music… pulsing through your eardrums, making them bleed. You stuff cotton in them to try and drown out the sounds. The only reason it plays is so kids can touch each other to the beat, grinding way to close. The DJs are unexperienced, untalented fools, hired because they’ll put on some beats, cheap and easy, saving the rave family some cash.

Where else but a rave can you put down your water bottle for a quick minute, and come back to a spiked drink? Free ecstasy! It’s fantastic! And not only are people so quick to give up these $10-$20 pills, but then, when you’re rolling face, they’ll offer to take you back to their place. How sweet! And forget sharing their water bottle, if a raver sees you dehydrated, passed out, or in any other type of danger because of these drugs, they’ll just push you to the side as to not interrupt the dancers. How could anyone help you? They’re all on drugs, everyone is on drugs at raves.

I also love how people dress, like three year old prostitutes in neon! With their pacifiers, lingerie tops, booty shorts, and pony beads, clutching a stuffed animal for safety. It’s comforting knowing you never have to grow up, as long as you’re a raver!

And the smell! Ravers are modern day hippies. They don’t shower, they don’t wash their clothing, and they’ll stay awake for days on end, fueled by caffeine and drugs. Brushing your teeth? That’s for sissies! I love pressing up against a man’s hot, sweaty body and sticking my tongue in his plaque-filled mouth. It’s so rugged, it turns me on.

But the best part of raving is all the promiscuous sex I get to have with men of all different ages. Sometimes I’ll hit a rave with my girl who’s 14 years old, and she’ll go home with a 30 year old man! Isn’t it wonderful how the age gap doesn’t matter at a rave? The best raves are the ones where I’ll get to fuck five or six guys, all in one night! The first on the dance floor, the second in the bathroom, a third on the second story dance floor, and two at the after party!

So why do I rave, you ask? Why wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t love crap music, getting drugged up for free, dressing like a child prostitute with no hygiene requirement, and ending the night with free love?

This is how the outside world sees us. This is what we must change.


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