About the Raver

Name: Emilie
Age: 19
Favorite venue: Anywhere the cops don’t find. 😉
Favorite Stype of EDM: I’ll dance to anything, as long as it’s good. I’ve definitely been most into trance, house, dnb, and dubstep lately though.
Favorite Rave I’ve Been To to Date: Probably Meant to Be, held at my ex-favorite venue [The Electric Warehouse.] It was the first rave I took my best friend Ida to. It was my ideal rave: a safe, legal venue, not too crowded [but enough people so I didn’t feel self conscious dancing], good friends, good music, and it’s the only time I’ve stayed from the time the party started until it ended [I didn’t hit an after party that day.]
Favorite piece of kandi: Ida and I were gifted kandi at a rave that were a matched set. So they have the memories of my new friends and the “friendship bracelet” aspect for Ida and I. Mine says “Love” and “Unity” on it and hers says “Peace” and “Respect.” Together they make up the aspects of PLUR.
Kandi kid, junglist, club kid, cyber, goth: I don’t like labels, but probably leaning towards kandi kid. Only I don’t wear kandi up my arms and I dress a lot simpler, just jeans and a tank top… no day glo pants for me!

To the haters out there mocking me for my mentions of PLUR, kandi, or for the fact that I’m young [not even, I know 14 year old etards!]… haters make me famous so chill out.

Any questions?!


Contact me!


4 Responses to About the Raver

  1. Hi! my name is Rhenn Rainbow, and I run the website ravekandy.com . I wanted to know if you’d be interested in adding a link to my site on your links page. I’d be more than glad to link back. Let me know! 🙂



    • Emilie says:

      Heyy Rainbow! I’d be happy to add your link, and I’d love a link bank! [I also wouldn’t mind some kandi, heheh] ❤

  2. You got a pretty interesting site! Not too many websites about the rave scene nowadays, especially in NY. You got me hooked. Subscribing!

    • Emilie says:

      Thanks a lot! =) I have taken a small hiatus from raving, while I’m away at school, but hopefully over winter break I’ll attend a few! I also may be transferring to a NYC school, and then will be able to blog a LOT more!

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