Camp Bisco Eleven

I arrived at Camp Bisco Eleven at 9:30 PM on Wednesday,  July 11, well prepared to have the greatest experience of my life. You know how they say that if you have low expectations you will never be disappointed? Well, in the case of Bisco, my extremely high expectations were more then exceeded.

I drove up with C.J. and Denice, two friends of a friend who needed a ride up. The three of us were sharing a tent, but for the most part, I was riding solo this Bisco. Lucky for us, we ended up in the best camping lot, due to the fact that we arrived so early [the gates opened at 9:00 PM]. We set up camp, befriended some neighbors, and then Denice and I went to explore the grounds, stopping by a booth to say hello to Phil, a friend I met at The Come Up Music Festival. Walking the grounds was a bit overwhelming, passing a sea of people, islands of campsites, and shops anchored along a strip referred to as Shakedown Street. 

I keep telling my best friend, Ally, that I don’t know what to write here, that the experience was beyond description, that at the same time there was so much, and so little, happening that I cannot possibly put the events into words. The days were spent listening to the melodic tones of The Disco Biscuts, and nights were spent raging to Kill the Noise and Atmosphere, unwinding at Silent Disco to some stellar D.J.s, such as ConnetICON and DVS.

The most special part of this festival for me were all the beautiful souls I met. People who were so willing to give, so willing to share, and asked nothing in return. They were the true embodiment of peace, love, unity, and respect, who adopted me as one of their own. Traveling solo, I was scared I would be lonely at times during the weekend, and feared that I would be imposing on my new friends, however, whenever I expressed these concerns my new friends assured me that they loved having me hang out with them.

Camp Bisco was truly a life changing experience filled with great music, incredible friends, philosophical discussions, and one of the greatest senses of community I have ever felt. I wish I could do justice to this event, but it’s simply something one must experience for themselves.

Well, it’s time to leave for Gathering of the Vibes! Keep checking back for more on my music festival filled summer vacation!



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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