The Come Up Music Festival

Hey everyone!
I’m back, and hopefully I will be for a while! ūüôā I see that while I’ve been gone, this blog has hit over 20,000 views. That’s insane! I’m so honored that people have continued to read this while I’ve been away. I never thought this blog would be read by anyone, let alone thousands of people! This weekend I attended one of my first raves in a very long time, The Come Up Music Festival. While the festival had a less-than-stellar lineup, the weekend was filled of the same good vibes I used to experience at raves, as the attendance was almost 100% ravers.

The good news is, I’m moving to Brooklyn in August. Yes, that’s the same Brooklyn I used to rave in on a weekly basis. After a year of living upstate for college [I am now transferring to a city school], I’m eager to be back and partying with the best of them.
This summer I’m definitely going to try to hit some raves if possible [I might be bringing in some rave virgins, always fun] and I will definitely be attending at least one more music festival. Hopefully this will be the year I get myself to Camp Bisco. I think I might head up solo, set up camp near some friends, and meet some new souls.

Remember to keep checking here for updates!¬†I’m eager to see how the¬†Brooklyn scene¬†has changed and to experience what the festival scene has to offer.

Me hanging around Painter Production’s booth at the festival, modeling one of the outfits for sale.

A few weeks back I got a message from the owner of a clothing company I model for, Painter Productions, saying that he was having a vendor stand at an upcoming music festival, The Come Up Music Festival. He told me he had a few extra staff bracelets he could hook me and a friend up with, so he could have some cute girls hanging around the booth. I was flattered, and obviously jumped at the opportunity to attend a festival. I recruited my best friend, Ally, who attended the rave Naughty Neon with me last year, to be my partner in crime for the weekend [for those of you who remember my adventures being with another hot blonde named Ida, she moved back to Finland post high school graduation.] 

Kicking it at the festival with Ally.

Ally and I were both expecting the rave to be a little more¬†“hippie”, similar to Mountain Jam, which I attended last year, so that’s what we packed for, and were in for a¬†fantastic surprise¬†when we found out that¬†The Come Up Music Festival¬†was actually¬†one giant rave. So, we traded in our tie dyes for clothing we had more befitting a rave, broke out the kandi kit I conveniently had in the back of my car [seriously, that was so damn lucky], and got ready to rage our faces off, for my first real rave in over a year.

The weekend was spectacular and it brought back so many memories of my raver days. Which, for the record, I told many stories of while away at school. I had been missing the rave scene a lot as of late, and this festival really reminded me of how much fun I used to have.

One of the vendors selling custom hats painted this on my lower back at the start of the festival.

The music at the festival wasn’t the greatest. One of the stages was right next to the booth I was at, and all day Saturday I was stuck listening to¬†shitty wannabe Skrillex DJ’s.¬†Which was awful, since you know, Skrillex sucks. There were a few notable exceptions, especially the Saturday night performances of¬†DJ Jeff Bujak,¬†The Alchemystics,¬†and¬†The Cyborg Trio.

Posing with Ally and a new friend at the festival in another piece of clothing I was modeling.

There’s not much to be said about the weekend, except that it reminded me of why I first started raving. It was amazing to just get out there,¬†dance and forget all else,¬†and meet some¬†beautiful souls who were friendly, helpful [thanks for all the sips of water and water bottles, everyone!], and fun. Even though the music was¬†less than stellar, it¬†felt great getting lost in the bass again.¬†The people there truly held the meaning of¬†PLUR and embodied what raving always meant to me.

The festival people were definitely their own genre of ravers.¬†Since I was in attendance as a vendor and camping in the vendor section, which was isolated from the rest of the campers, I got to meet a lot of people who travel from festival to festival, many of whom had pre-existing relationships. Needless to say, this provided some interesting drama to watch over the weekend, not unlike the raver relationship drama I used to report upon. The major difference being that some of the vendors and volunteers seemed to have¬†“festival relationships,” or significant others that they were only “seeing” while at a festival. Weird.

Anyway, with a renewed love of the scene, I’ve made it my mission to return to raving, revisit this blog project, and to start having fun again [I had a pretty miserable first year of college, but that’s another story!] My first quest on this mission?¬†Finally attend¬†Camp Bisco.¬†

So keep checking back at Rolling Stone Raver to see where my adventures take me. Hopefully, there will be lots to report upon!



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A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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