It’s been ages…

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted… and even longer since I raved. The last real rave I attended was in April 2011, and it’s now November! After

Ida, my old rave sidekick, moved back to Finland in June. We still keep in touch via e-mail!

realizing that people continued to read, comment on, and enjoy my blog, I decided that I owed it to the rave community to explain myself…


  • After the threats I received over this blog [see earlier posts] I was a bit hesitant to return to the rave scene. I did, but I was definitely more careful about where I went and who I associated with. Witnessing the death of PLUR scared me, and it definitely contributed to me ceasing to rave.
  • At one of the last raves I attended a good friend of mine rolled a little too hard and after a horrible three days of jitters and sickness, she decided to retire from raving. Losing her from the rave community was another factor in my decision to put a hold on raving. Although I pledged to be a sober raver, my friends do not necessarily feel the same way, and the destruction my friends were doing to their bodies was not something I wanted to be apart of. [One of my close “rave family” members was arrested and ended up in rehab last spring. He has been 7 months clean!]
  • Over the summer I worked weekends at a renaissance faire. On weekdays I worked as a personal assistant and I modeled. Due to my heavy work schedule, I did not have the time or energy to rave. Although I wished I could go out and party, I had a commitment to my jobs, and I had to be bright and energetic for them all.
  • Brooklyn ravers may remember seeing me out a lot during the school year last year… in September I started college in upstate New York, in a town without raves. I now find myself at frat parties with a bunch of drunk assholes, instead of with ravers in an abandoned warehouse, enjoying a light show.


Although I’ve been absent from the scene, I have never stopped considering myself a raver. I still wear kandi almost every day, and tell stories to my new college friends about what raving is like, promising to bring them along one day. Hopefully over winter break I will make my return to Brooklyn and the rave scene… and I hope I wasn’t forgotten!



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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One Response to It’s been ages…

  1. Dominique says:

    I love that you have on the kandi I made you 🙂
    So, how is the college party scene? When the semester ends, are you going to rave during break?

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