Mountain Jam

So I guess this is a bit late, Mountain Jam was June 2-5 [although I only stayed from the 2-4 because of college orientation], and here I am, posting about it, 20 days later. I’ve been busy. Sue me. I just finished high school [I graduate tomorrow!] and the excitement for college and rehearsals for my summer acting job at the New York Renaissance Faire has been taking up a lot of time.

But woah! I haven’t even checked my stats on here in FOREVER! Thanks for those of you who have been reading. Apparently despite the fact I haven’t been posting, I’ve still been getting a ridiculous amount of hits a day. You’re all the best!

Bear with me, I haven’t written an essay for school or a blog entry in forever. I forgot how to be interesting.

Mountain Jam is a music festival in upstate New York that I generally describe as being like a “mini Woodstock.” Drugs all around, hot boxing the tents, thousands of dirty hippies jamming. I went for the first time sophomore year with my mom and sister. It was kind of fun, but I didn’t love it. But I decided to return this year in leu of attending my senior prom with my best friend Ida [I may have mentioned her before…]

So where do I begin?

My mom, Ida, and I arrived Thursday afternoon, anxiously waiting on a line to get in. After entering the campgrounds, we helped my mom set up her tent and then ventured off to find a spot of our own. After taking a little walk up a hill, some men called out to us asking if we’d join their “commune,” which was a small circle of tents all facing inward to a central grill and sitting area. Well, Ida and I aren’t idiots. We know how to work a man. So we smiled sweetly and told them “only if you set up our tent.” The men, anxious at the prospect of two younger women joining their group [which we later found out travels the country to different music festivals together- they thought we wanted to join them on that!], jumped at the chance and our tent was set up much quicker than we ever could have done. Obviously, Ida and I had no intention of joining these men. But they did offer us drugs.
We did find a few more of these communes during the weekend. Groups of men, and occasionally women, that travel together, live together, sleep together, eat together, drug themselves together. They were all nice and friendly and invited us to join. But they seemed a bit cult-like to me.

Ida and I spent most of the time at Mountain Jam eating. No lies. Eating. We love to eat. That’s why she’s my best friend. She’ll eat with me. We’d eat, go up on the hill, watch the music, and chill. It was extremely relaxing. Very different from the rave scene.

As you can probably tell, if you follow me on twitter , or even if you’re an avid reader of this blog and haven’t seen me post in forever, you’ll probably see I haven’t raved much lately. Not because I don’t love raving, because I do. I love the people, the music, the atmosphere, the PLUR.
But raving is also tiring. Staying up literally all night dancing, without drugs it gets near impossible [no matter how many 5 Hour Energy Shots I take.] The trips into NYC that require a 45 minute train ride, and then another hour subway ride into Brooklyn.
Raving is expensive. The train and subway both put a dent in your wallet, and then the entrance fee into the rave [unless you’re attending a free outlaw they can cost up to $40!], water once your inside, etc.
And the loss of PLUR lately. I’ve blogged about this in some of my recent posts. About how haters are mad about this blog for no reason. About the violence that’s entered the scene lately. About the hatred between the families that throw raves, which effects us rave-goers. It changed things. I liked the love in the air.

This music festival was different. Yeah, it was expensive, but it was so relaxed. You didn’t have to move all day if you didn’t want to. You could set up your blanket on the hill and watch a musical act, not a care in the world. People were kind, but mostly just ignored each other. It was such a chill place to be. Maybe it was the style of music, folk and classic rock instead of EDM, maybe it was the people [I expected to see ravers I knew there, but there were none], maybe it was the scenic mountain location.
What I do know is that Camp Bisco is coming up in two weeks and hopefully I’ll be there. Bisco will be filled with ravers, but it’s still a 3 day music festival. And I’d love to see how different it is from Mountain Jam.

Trying to wash the sweat and dirty off at the end of the weekend.

To all the ravers out there: I’d suggest attending a chill music festival like this at least once. Go relax. Sleep a full night. Enjoy yourself.

I’m going to go remember how to blog well. I’m attending a free rave in the woods that my friend is throwing upstate next weekend [hit me up for details if you live in the NY or NJ area] and then in two weeks I’ll [hopefully] be at Camp Bisco [definitely let me know if you’re going to be there!], so alas! I will blog again soon!



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2 Responses to Mountain Jam

  1. MichaelM says:

    I saw Bassnectar this past weekend at EDC Vegas and he was on it! I wouldn’t say it was a spiritual or life changing experience but it honestly was an amazing set =]

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