Rage in the Scene.

“If you don’t start showing some peace, love, and unity, I’ll break your fucking faces”. -DJ Frankie Bones

DJ Frankie Bones said that at a rave in 1989 in response to a fight that broke out during his set. Lately, I’ve been wanting to break some faces myself. Probably due to facebook and the over-advertising of events, ravers have been tenser and getting into more arguments then ever before [I’ve been told this by my friends raving for years, and I’ve noticed it myself in the 5 months I’ve been raving.] Crews have been fighting, ravers have been calling the cops on events because of jealousy or other petty issues [getting people arrested], and people have been threatening each other for no reason. Because of this, a lot of ravers have been taking a break from the scene [I took a little break myself… I’ll be back next weekend!] and parties advertised as massives haven’t been quite as large as planned.

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I went to a good party. Lately, everywhere I’ve gone has either been empty or busted before the party got going. Even before I went on my two-week leave from raving, I skipped a rave in favor of just attending the afterparty, which I knew would be good.

When I first starting raving around 5 months ago I was amazed at the people, the music, and the friendship. Everyone I met had a smile and offered to trade kandi, share a cigarette [I don’t smoke, but my friends do], or buy me a water. I was shocked at how sweet, friendly, and caring a group of people could be, especially since I come from a town where people tend to be a little more stuck up than most. As the months wore on, things started changing. People started asking my friends to buy cigarettes off them, no one offered to share their drinks anymore, and people seemed a lot more uptight. I don’t really understand how things changed so quickly, but it’s been deeply disturbing me.

There’s been some knights in shinning neon throughout this all… the rave families and crews who refuse to get wrapped up in the drama and feuding, the kids who throw afterparties and give us a place to go even when the rave is busted, the friends and strangers who respect PLUR and refuse to let the scene die.

To all the ravers out there: remember how things used to be. If you see someone rolling face, offer them some water or gum. If you see someone stranded, offer them a few bucks for the train ride home. Say hello to the shy looking kid who you’ve never seen at an event, and give the virgin a new piece of kandi. What goes around comes around, remember how people treated you when you first started raving and pay it forward. If we all work at it, we can revive the rave scene and bring back the peace, love, unity, and respect.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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One Response to Rage in the Scene.

  1. MichaelM says:

    Welcome to the SoCal rave scene

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