Rules of the Outlaw.

Last Friday there was a major outlaw planned in Brooklyn. In the past I avoided outlaws for fear of getting arrested, but because of the awesome DJs spinning, the mass amounts of friends who would be in attendance, and the fact that I had a ride and didn’t have to suffer mass transit, I decided to go. I was looking forward to the outlaw for weeks, however, as soon as my friends and I exited the car and began walking to the spot, we were told by a passing raver “Turn back, it’s been raided, they’re arresting people left and right.”

I had noticed issues on the way to the party- it was too obvious, I could spot ravers from a mile away, traveling in large packs in their neon clothing. Didn’t these people read the rules on the facebook page for the event? Didn’t they know to park far enough away, wear black, hide their kandi, and travel in groups of two or three? Clearly not. It was my first outdoor outlaw and I had enough common sense even without the research to know the rules. Why did these kids have to ruin it for me?

So I decided to compile a list of rules for the outlaw, in hopes that next time I venture out, bundled in dark sweaters, carrying blankets to sit on, the ravers know how to act so our night of music and friendship isn’t busted by a few uptight cops.

  1. If you see a cop, act natural. Don’t freak out and exclaim to your friends “cops!” If they pull up next to you, ask if there’s a problem, and then tell them you’re on your way to the 7-11, all night Walmart for chips, a friends house, etc. Whatever you see nearby that would make sense for teenagers to be headed between 10 PM and 10 AM. By no means should you tell the cops that you’re attending a party or music festival. Outlaws are illegal. It will get busted.
  2. On the other hand, if the cops already know about the rave, don’t lie to them. If you’re on the other side of the fence from the party, and it’s obvious you’re attending it, tell them you were going to the “music festival.” Never say rave. The word “rave” holds a negative connotation. If they tell you to leave, don’t argue. Turn around and leave. You can always come back later when the coast is clear.
  3. Never carry drugs or weapons. That is how you get arrested. 99.9% of the time no one will arrest you for attending an illegal rave. If anything, you will be ticketed for trespassing, and usually that’s reserved for whoever planned the party. However, if they find drugs on your person you could be arrested for possession or intent to sell. On a similar note, if the cops stop you and ask if you have drugs, tell them no, and hold out your bag and ask if they want to search you. Generally, they’ll say no and let you be on your way. Why would you tell them to search you if you were carrying? Don’t smoke weed on the way up. They can smell that shit. If you need something to do with your bored asses, take a drag on a cancer stick. Last time I checked, those were legal.
  4. I don’t care who you’re fucking, who you want to be fucking, who your best friend is, who your best friend is fucking, who drove you to the event, whatever, never travel to the spot in groups of more than two or three. Even three is a lot. Actually, you’re better off going solo. Meet up with your crew later. Large groups equal a party or other sort of gathering. Cops are drawn to large groups of teens like an etard to a fur coat.
  5. Hide your kandi. Cops see kandi and think drugs. Cops think drugs and get ready to arrest teenagers. Keep your kandi in your bag, under your sweatshirt, whatever. I don’t care how bright and shiny and colorful it is. Same goes for glow sticks. You don’t need those on the streets unless you’re directing traffic.
  6. Actually, don’t dress how you normally would for a rave. I don’t want to see your bright orange fuzzy gators, rainbow UFO pants, binkies, or hair falls. If you insist upon wearing these things, keep it in your bag or covered by your street clothes until you arrive at the spot and it’s clear you’re at a rave. Nothing is more suspicious then young adults dressing like 5 year olds walking down the street…
  7. Don’t arrive early, don’t come back to the spot. If you’re at the outlaw spot when an outlaw isn’t going on, you’ll just up the chances that it’ll be found. Once a spot is raided, you can’t go back.
  8. I’m sure everyone’s heard the stories of people being killed at an outlaw… I know I did. So don’t kill anyone. The stories I’ve heard have all been a drug dealer selling fake pills and an angry druggie attacking, but really… beat him up, rob him, whatever… just please don’t kill the dealer. On the other hand, don’t beat up or rob anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. Leave the innocent home. If you need money for a train home, ask around. Someone will help you out.
  9. Follow the PLUR… that goes without saying…

As you can see, the key to an outlaw not being raided is pretty much common sense. I don’t really understand why people have such difficulty with it. Point of the story is, if you’re going to an illegal rave in Brooklyn, NYC, don’t be stupid, don’t be a dick, or don’t come out at all. You’re ruining the fun for the rest of us.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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One Response to Rules of the Outlaw.

  1. Jefry Puntiel says:

    People NEED to follow these rules.

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