10 Commandments of Being a Raver

This post is inspired by a post @TDZ_Hypnosis put on twitter, where he put his idea of the “10 Commandments of Being a Raver.” Which got me thinking… what would be the 10 Commandments of Raving? I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Here’s my thoughts on the topic!

The 10 Commandments of Being a Raver
By the Fabulous Genius who is Emilie

  1. If you can’t rave sober, you shouldn’t rave at all. You shouldn’t need drugs to have fun. It’s okay to take them, but they shouldn’t run your life. Everyone should also experience their first rave sober so they know what to expect.
  2. Never rave alone. It’s dangerous, and even though your fellow raver should look out for you, you never know who’s going to be there. Not only will your friends protect you from the creepers by pretending to be your significant other, but they’ll stop you from going home with someone who might not look so hot in the morning light.
  3. Know the location you’re headed to and how to get there. Nothing is worse then getting lost in a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn when you’re dressed in rave gear… you become bait for cops, rapists, and hobos asking for money alike.
  4. Know your limits. If you generally take 1 pill, don’t take 4. If you had a late night the day before, you may not want to stay at the party till 9:00 AM. This is what leads to overdoses. Overdosing 14-year-old etards is what leads the man to propose laws banning raves. Do all the drugs you want, but do them at home where you wont ruin our good time.
  5. Dress appropriately. By that I mean, wear comfortable sneakers. Your feet will thank you. There’s nothing funnier— I mean sadder— than those girls who show up to raves in stiletto heels and have bleeding heels by the end of the night.
  6. Buy pre-sale and come early for any event where it’s possible, especially massives. Unless you enjoy standing on line in the freezing cold for three hours. Then be my guest, wait to buy at the door, and heck, come late! Some of the best friendships are made while trying to bum cigarettes off the cranky kid standing in front of you on the line.
  7. Make friends. Especially with drug dealers. Even if you don’t roll, smoke, sniff, etc. these kids have money and may buy you a water bottle or throw down some bills to help you get home in the morning. In fact, you should probably sleep with them. That way you get more benefits than just free drugs, free water, and a ride home. They may give you an STD or the greatest gift of all… a child who will love you forever. Or get aborted, which is probably a good idea if you popped pills during pregnancy.
  8. Be prepared for everything and expect the worst. Always stash some extra cash. I literally sew a $20 bill in my bra before I go out. The goal is to go home with this money, but you never know what’s going to happen. Also consider bringing a cellphone charger or extra battery, lip balm, condoms, makeup, and extra layers. Better safe with an overstuffed backpack than having no way of calling your crew, bloody lips, a baby in utero, looking like a frozen cheap hooker with mascara running down your cheeks.
  9. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t speak badly about the DJs, promoters, security, or anyone else involved with the event until you are far away from the venue. Although ravers try to abide by PLUR, many of them still can and will kick your ass.
  10. Share your water, friends, kandi, and love. Don’t be selfish. You’ll feel guilty when others offer you things if you don’t pay it forward. As so many promoters put it “don’t do anything that will make me own your ass.” In other words, follow PLUR or so help you God… shits going down.

So what are your 10 Commandments of Being a Raver?



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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