My Saturday Night in Photos

There’s not much to say about what went down on Saturday… it was… interesting? The big rave that was supposed to be going down got moved to Friday night last minute [and I couldn’t make it out on Friday] so as a chance to salvage the night, someone threw a warehouse party in Brooklyn. It was small. When I first arrived at 11:30 PM there were maybe 10 people there. When I left at 3 AM there were about 30 people. Although there was a DJ and some kickass lights set up in the lower level, most people were hanging out upstairs and it had less of a rave feel.

Since I don’t really have any good stories to tell [except a guy pretty much offering to be my sugar daddy, why do these things keep happening?!] I figured I’d just post some pictures from the night… since I promised I’d have a post today. Enjoy! =)

Pre rave excitement on the train ride up!

Me not ready to take a picture...


Kandi, raver glasses, furry jacket...

I loved the graffiti by the train station...

My friend Angel, who became my best friend after spending the entire night chilling.

My best friend Ida and I.


About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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3 Responses to My Saturday Night in Photos

  1. rave queen says:

    you’re not even a real raver. you dont know shit. so stop trying to be some fucking wannabe.

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