Why Rave?

After reading some of the comments I’ve received, @purplexlove suggested I write a post on why I really rave. Although in the past I’ve claimed it’s for the friendship and music- it’s all about the drugs and sex, obviously!

The music… pulsing through your eardrums, making them bleed. You stuff cotton in them to try and drown out the sounds. The only reason it plays is so kids can touch each other to the beat, grinding way to close. The DJs are unexperienced, untalented fools, hired because they’ll put on some beats, cheap and easy, saving the rave family some cash.

Where else but a rave can you put down your water bottle for a quick minute, and come back to a spiked drink? Free ecstasy! It’s fantastic! And not only are people so quick to give up these $10-$20 pills, but then, when you’re rolling face, they’ll offer to take you back to their place. How sweet! And forget sharing their water bottle, if a raver sees you dehydrated, passed out, or in any other type of danger because of these drugs, they’ll just push you to the side as to not interrupt the dancers. How could anyone help you? They’re all on drugs, everyone is on drugs at raves.

I also love how people dress, like three year old prostitutes in neon! With their pacifiers, lingerie tops, booty shorts, and pony beads, clutching a stuffed animal for safety. It’s comforting knowing you never have to grow up, as long as you’re a raver!

And the smell! Ravers are modern day hippies. They don’t shower, they don’t wash their clothing, and they’ll stay awake for days on end, fueled by caffeine and drugs. Brushing your teeth? That’s for sissies! I love pressing up against a man’s hot, sweaty body and sticking my tongue in his plaque-filled mouth. It’s so rugged, it turns me on.

But the best part of raving is all the promiscuous sex I get to have with men of all different ages. Sometimes I’ll hit a rave with my girl who’s 14 years old, and she’ll go home with a 30 year old man! Isn’t it wonderful how the age gap doesn’t matter at a rave? The best raves are the ones where I’ll get to fuck five or six guys, all in one night! The first on the dance floor, the second in the bathroom, a third on the second story dance floor, and two at the after party!

So why do I rave, you ask? Why wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t love crap music, getting drugged up for free, dressing like a child prostitute with no hygiene requirement, and ending the night with free love?

This is how the outside world sees us. This is what we must change.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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3 Responses to Why Rave?

  1. Himiko Hazard says:

    I hate this!!! My friend and I rave completely sober. Ouside of raves we’re normal people acomplishing great things and reaching for our dreams. We go to raves for the music and dancing. I also hit clubs for that reason. Why are people so negitive? They need to get over themselves. Hypocrites, I swear. As if they didn’t endulge in the very same things they scorn now.

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