The Craziest Night of My Life… And We Didn’t Even Make it to the Rave.

Last night was a rave that was supposed to be huge, being thrown in Brooklyn. I picked up my friends around 7:30 and we headed to the train station, excited and anxious. While on the way, we got a text saying the rave was cancelled, so we went on the facebook event page on one of the guys cellphones too check it out. Well, it went from being cancelled, to postponed, to on in a different location all in under an hour.

We got to the venue when they were still setting up. Due to the fact that they had changed the plans so many times, it was starting later then planned. So, feeling awkward, we decided to wait on the corner of the street and wait for the rave to start… that’s when the real trouble began. Two policemen approached my group and asked if we had any drugs or alcohol, we denied it. They began to search our persons and bags [aside from me and one of the guys- we got lucky] and question us, asking our ages, where we’re from, why we’re in Brooklyn, etc. Since I’m 18, and the only legal adult in the group, they kept asking me questions about “why I brought minors to the city,” “how do I know them,” “how old are they,” etc. Since I only knew two of the kids prior to last night, I kept saying that I didn’t know them, I thought they were all 17 [which is true, turns out they were 16 and 17], and that we were just trying to go to this party, not do anything wrong. The boys questioned the cops asking “what was your ‘probable cause’ to search,” to which he answered that he “smelled weed” [but since no one had smoke it, that’s highly unlikely.] During the search the cops found some weed in one of the guys shoes, and approached me, saying that since I was the adult of the group, they’d have to call my parents. Obviously, I started freaking out. I asked one of the cops if I could speak to him in private and began my plea, enhanced by my ability to cry on cue. I begged him not to call my parents, I told him that my parents knew where I was and what I was doing, and that I’m a good kid and would be murdered if they got a call from the cops in Brooklyn in the middle of the night [although it was only around 9:45 PM… not exactly the middle of the night.] I told them I have a huge scholarship to college and I’m a member of my local volunteer ambulance corps, and that would be ruined if they charged me. The cop agreed to let me off, and not call my parents, but he did insist on calling the boy who had the weed’s parents. His parents didn’t pick up, and obviously the cops were just trying to bust our good time, because they didn’t try calling back and they didn’t leave a message. Before they let us go, the cop I spoke to pulled me over and told me to either take my friends and go home, or ditch them and go home, and that if they saw me and my friends again that night, they’d arrest us.

I decided that this rave wasn’t happening. With these cops around was too much of a chance, even though the rave was going to be packed, especially since it was in a tiny venue. So we walked to the subway, hopped on, and started heading home. We were in the Bronx when the boys decided this was stupid, and the night couldn’t die at 11:00 PM, so they got off the train, in order to get on one that’d bring us back into the city, and at the last second I decided “what the heck?!” and joined them. We ended up taking the train to Grand Central Station, then walked into Times Square [which was packed at 2 AM], where we spent a long time trying to find a cab driver who would bring the six of us to Brooklyn. Eventually, it got so late that we decided to skip the rave altogether and head to the after party instead. Finally, we managed to track down a van driver who would do the deed, and we pilled in for our trip to Brooklyn.

Arriving at the after party was cool… we found it by the large amount of ravers chilling on the block, waiting for the party to start. I found a few of my friends and made some new ones, so it was good. And the party just got better after it opened…

The after party was more like a small house rave then an actual after party. My experience with after parties have been this: dimly lit sketchy house, kids all laying on couches in small groups or couples that they formed at the rave, people making out on couches, and people having sex in the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, pissing off those who have to piss. This party was nothing like that. For one, people were dancing and walking around, talking to everyone. I think this was the only after party I ever went to where I spoke to more than 4 people, and I talked to the whole house. I was offered a job as a stripper and it was numerously noted by people [mostly girls] that I have a very nice chest. That’s ravers for you!

My friends were mostly rolling, tripping, or both, by the end of the night, and we barely had the money to get home because they spent a lot of our travel money on drugs. I had my emergency $25 on me, which was enough for me to take the subway and train home, with a little extra. The boys chipped in and bought our subway tickets, but I ended up having to help out a kid for the train fare.

The night was filled with unexpected turns at every corner, and nothing went as planned [we planned to get to the rave, leave around 3 or 4 AM, hit the after party, then go home around 7 AM], but it was a night I’ll never forget. Even though I just met most of the guys, I know we’ll be tight forever, and they’re like family even after one night [one long night, which felt more like a week]. Although, I guess almost getting arrested with someone will make a pretty special bond. We’ll certainly be raving again soon!

Every night in the rave scene is an adventure, and every night brings you closer to those you’re with. Because as I’ve stressed again and again, it’s not about the drugs, it’s about the music, the friendship, the PLUR.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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