Anti Rave.

I found this blog post via @stephanie_vee on twitter, with the tags #plur #mdma and #ecstacy. Basically, @stephanie_vee is posing the idea that raves are only a place for underage kids to take obscene amounts of drugs and dress and act like 5 year olds. This is part of the reason I started this blog, to show people the truth in the rave scene. I used to think the same as Ms. @stephanie_vee before I started raving, and I can understand where the negative stereotype comes from, however, I do believe people should put a little more thought and research into the rave scene before posting an article like this. If you aren’t going to attend a rave to see what it’s about, at least interview one of the members part of the “slew of teenagers sucking on pacifiers, dawning beaded bracelets fit for a 5-year-old decked out in tutus and fuzzy boots”. Maybe you’ll find out it’s not so bad.

So my challenge for you, @stephanie_vee, is before you label rave kids as looking for a form of escapism and basically being children who refuse to have responsibilities, maybe you should talk to a raver, find out why they rave, why they started, their story. You may find that some ravers have respectable jobs, families, and aren’t on drugs. Maybe you’ll see you were wrong about us all along. Maybe you’ll see that some of us really just want to dance, make friends, and have fun, without fear of judgment. Then you can write all the articles you want bashing our scene.

The 5th aspect of PLURR is responsibility.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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7 Responses to Anti Rave.

  1. Dominique says:

    I don’t know why non-ravers feel the need to judge a scene that they truly know nothing about. It takes true courage (not always drugs) to get up and be the first ones on the dance floor, while everyone is watching. To be social, and most times nice. Its a widely growing social scene. People don’t realize that its just like regular clubbing. Except instead of alcohol, its every other substance. Not all clubbers drink, not all ravers get high. Outsiders are fine, I’m accepting of all opinions. But you can’t adequately talk about what you don’t know. One key fact that everyone fails to realize.

    (sorry for the paragraph lol)

    • Emilie says:

      I agree with you completely. I never used to dance in front of people, at school dances, parties, clubs, whatever, because I was too shy. Raves have been the only place I’ve felt truly comfortable because everyone is so non-judgmental. I just wish people wouldn’t judge us without talking to us first or trying to hit a rave themselves. I’m glad I stopped laughing at my friends who raved and joined them! =]

  2. adjinneed says:

    I like this post a lot. although ive only been to small raves/clubs im big into drum n bass and electronic music as a whole and agree with the both of you up there.

  3. Coleen says:

    Interesting to see two sides of the story, now I understand where you’re both coming from

  4. Pandula says:

    I wish more people could read your blog.
    cause this is so true. ive had converations with people saying if i keep going to raves im going to get raped cause it happens to everyone.and everyones on lsd. and everyones so shady and only out for themselves.

    which really mad me sad cause i couldnt change what they thought cause they never went to one. but also that people think so low of the rave scene, when really its the one place i truely feel accepted.everyones so fun and loving. and if you find the plurr people its even better.

    hopefully some people can learn to think outside their box…

    • Emilie says:

      Spread the word and post my link! I dealt with the same thing with my friends and so I decided to make this blog to highlight the positives of raving. Of course, there are negatives, but tell me one place in the world that’s all good. Thanks for the love!

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