Wanted: A Rave Boy Who…

Now those of you who don’t rave are going to laugh at this question: why is it so hard to find a decent rave guy?! But those of you who rave will understand… you want your S.O. to rave, to not laugh at you for going out, or get paranoid you’ll be cheating on him. I’ve seen plenty of adorable rave couples, don’t get me wrong, and it seems to me that all the good rave guys have been claimed long ago. So where can I find my dream rave guy, may I ask? Perhaps I have too many standards…
My dream rave guy…
  • Isn’t on drugs
  • Isn’t SELLING drugs.
  • Is cute.
  • Isn’t sketchy.
  • Doesn’t creep up behind you and starts feeling up on you.
  • Doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  • Will buy me a water bottle.
  • Loves dubstep, but would rather rave to happy hardcore. ^.^
  • Gets along with my friends, but isn’t trying to get with them, too.
  • Pays my way in to events because he isn’t broke [from his legit job, because remember, he’s not a drug dealer.]

If you find this guy, call me! =]

But really, some guys at raves are the sleeziest things! Get ready for a confusing story: I made friends with this guy, who seemed really nice, let’s call him Joe. Joe ended up sleeping with my friend, let’s call her Kim. Later, Kim found him on facebook. Turns out, Joe has a girlfriend. When Kim complained to her friend, Liz, she found out Liz was sleeping with Joe, too.
Girls are sketchy, too. It’s not just rave boys! I have this really good friend I met at a rave, let’s call him Chris. Chris and I are also friends with this girl, let’s call her Rachel. Chris and Rachel hook up all the time [kind of awkward for me, haha]. Recently, Rachel added me on facebook… turns out, she has a boyfriend!
Where does it end?! Whenever I give out my number now or a guy expresses interest, all I can think about is “does this guy have a girlfriend?” Because I don’t want to be the other woman.  Where is the knight in shinning neon?



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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6 Responses to Wanted: A Rave Boy Who…

  1. Coleen says:

    Low standards much? You deserve way better than this!

  2. Pandula says:

    i totally agree with this.
    2 guys recently that ive been interested in at the rave scene i have found out after both hook up with a lot of girls.
    though they were interested in me…the fact they have a past as ‘that guy, i dont like.

    im convinced one day im gonna find that perfect rave guy for me. ❤ hope the same for you!

    • Emilie says:

      Not only do they have a past of “that guy,” but I’m sure they’ll continue being that guy. That happens to me all the time, or I find out they have a girlfriend [most common.] Good luck to you on your quest! ❤

  3. omgdevon says:

    know exactly what you mean</3

    however i met a boy at a rave last weekend
    he meets all of these requirements except 1
    but i think i can look past that.

    he's really sweet, super cute, doesn't have a girlfriend,
    has a job, bought me Gatorade and ring pops<3,
    didn't try anything when we met, and so far doesn't
    seem sketchy.
    plus even when the afterglow was gone and reality stepped in
    (that rave was two days) he consistently called and txted me; and honestly
    he's all ive been able to think about for the past week .
    wish me luck im seeing him again next weekend

    and from what i can tell the boy
    your asking for is out there
    dont give up
    hope you find your rave boy<3

  4. stu says:

    well im all but the dubstep and happy hardcore…. hardstyle is my style 😀 but i can dig any music 🙂

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