Oh When the Creeps Go Out to Rave…

So Friday night I went to the Distorted Glow rave in Brooklyn thrown by Digitall Distortion [they throw some pretty epic events if you ever get a chance to go…] and this was the event I went to with the most amount of people. It was in the Electric Warehouse and it definitely hit capacity. Security was tight, they took my lighter this time [I had brought it because you can always make friends in the smoking area if you’re outside catching a breath and someone asks to borrow one.] In addition, I witnessed a drug dealer getting busted, a girl who definitely had alcohol poisoning [when I tried to help since I’m in EMS they yelled “SHE’S FINE! WE JUST NEED TO GET HER IN THE CAR WITHOUT THE COPS SEEING.”], and a lot of creeps…

Distorted Glow, located in the Electric Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY.

Distorted Glow, located in the Electric Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

The creeps. This rave had the largest number of annoying guys I’ve ever seen. I told them all I’m a lesbian to get them to leave me alone. It didn’t work on some of them.

For those of you who don’t know, this is how rave guys operate: They as you to dance [“one dance wont hurt”] and then when you least expect it, they stick their tongue down your throat. I made the mistake of falling for this at my first rave, and now I wont dance with anyone unless we’re friends or I’ve been dancing next to them all night [that’s how I make a lot of my friends, dancing next to them, smiling at them, offering them a sip of my water.]

So these creeps that I told I was a lesbian would keep approaching me and saying “Come on, one dance can’t hurt,” “it doesn’t matter you’re gay,” “maybe I can change you.” No matter how many times I say, I’m sorry I like girls, it matters to me, I’m here with my girlfriend, they don’t get the hint!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m straight. But shhh! Don’t tell them!

It’s like, can’t a girl come to a rave to dance, to listen to the music, to have fun and make friends, without wanting to hook up or dance with these sketchy guys? I don’t understand why, because I’m a girl at an event, it means I have to want to be felt up by these creep ass guys. Can anyone enlighten me to what these guys are thinking?

Now, to be fair, I’ve met a lot of guys where if I say I’m a lesbian or just tell them I don’t like dancing with people, I prefer to do my own thing, but you’re welcome to hang out with me, they don’t harass me. Some of them say “I understand!” and we’ll become friends and end up hanging out all night. These guys are the ones I tell the truth to, I’m straight, and they usually find it funny that I tell people I’m gay to be left alone.

As far as the event goes, the music was amazing, the lighting was awesome [even to someone who wasn’t rolling], and for the most part, the people friendly and fun. However, I did have my bag stolen at the after party, which angers me greatly, it’s those kinds of people that give raves a bad name and are killing PLUR. My friend ended up buying Ida and I breakfast and coffee and we hitched a ride to Grand Central Station to get picked up by my mom [since I lost my money and Ida was broke we couldn’t take a train.]

Although there are parts about the rave scene I’d change if I could, it’s worth at the end of the night. I had a great time and although I can’t make the guys less creepy, get the drugs out of the building, and keep the robbers at home, I love to rave, I love to dance, I love the music, and I love [a lot] of the people. You just need to take the negatives in stride.

But what ever happened to respect?



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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