Thinking of attending a rave?

A big question for most first-time ravers is: What do I bring to a rave? Well, this post should help you answer that.

Here is a list of things to bring to an indoor venue rave. Perhaps if I attend an outdoor rave I’ll post a list for that. In addition, make sure you check out the website for the venue or group throwing the rave you are attending. Different events may have different rules on what can/can not be brought into the building, and some raves have themes and you may get a discount for dressing a certain way.

What to wear:

  • Make sure you wear sneakers. After being on your feet for hours they’ll hurt, no matter what shoes you wear. Sneakers will keep them comfy as long as possible!
  • Kandi- good for trading and making friends, plus they look pretty in the lights!
  • Anything that works under blacklights or glow in the dark are fun!
  • Bright colors are big at raves. Don’t be the one wearing black, unless you’re a graver.
  • LAYERS!!! Bring a sweater to take off when you get hot dancing, but you’ll need it for the cold morning.

What to bring:

  • Enough money! Check ahead to find out how much the entrance fee is. Sometimes you can buy pre-sale tickets for a much cheaper price, or coming before a certain time will get you in cheaper. Also, find out how much drinks cost and bring enough for drinks- you will get hot and thirsty! In all honesty, girls often need less money than guys because often guys will offer to buy girls a drink. BE SURE TO SAVE MONEY FOR THE TRAIN/BUS/CAB HOME IF YOU DON’T DRIVE THERE!!! This once happened to a friend and I and we ended up having to get a ride home with a new friend.
  • If you smoke, cigarettes and a lighter. This is another way to make friends. Often, people forget or run out and will try to bum/buy a smoke off you. I met a few new friends by offering my lighter when catching some air outside in the smoking area.
  • Water bottles if they’re allowed. YOU WILL GET THIRSTY!!!
  • Pens / paper if it’s allowed. I once had my pens confiscated at the door, but they’re useful in case your phone dies and you want to exchange information.
  • Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, gum, eye drops, or any other toiletries you may want to freshen up. These items, and body spray, are important for anyone using drugs that may want to hide a scent or red-eyes.
  • Sunglasses. In the morning the sun may bother your eyes due to the lighting at the rave. I’ve also been told that people using drugs often have sensitivity to the sun, and sunglasses will help prevent this.
  • I bring an extra cellphone battery in case mine dies. I want to have my phone on in case my parents are trying to reach me [and so I can check in with them], or if I get separated from my friends and can’t find them.
  • I don’t personally do this, but condoms couldn’t hurt. I’ve heard of plenty of people sneaking off to bathrooms to fool around or going out to their cars or back to someone’s apartment… better safe then pregnant!
  • Candy or something small to snack on. Generally raves don’t have any food for sale and you might get hungry. It’s also good to handout and make friends! [Personally, I don’t accept anything from people though… don’t want it to be laced with drugs!]
  • Small backpack or cross-body bag to hold it all in. Small handbags will be annoying to carry around, especially if you’re dancing. Backpacks shaped like plush stuffed animals are very big with ravers.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have a meet-up plan with whoever you go with. It’s easy to get separated at raves, so you want to have a checkup place and time [maybe every hour you meet back.] Of course, at smaller venues it wont be much of a problem, as you can probably find each other easily, but it’s always good to have just in case! I usually meet my friends in the bathroom.
  • Bring a friend who’ll want to leave around the same time as you. If you want to stay until 5 AM you don’t want to have a friend with you who wants to leave after 2 hours. Also, make sure they like EDM or whatever specific kinds of music will be played at the rave [you can generally find that information online or on the flyer]. Nothing is more annoying than attending a party with someone who’s not having a good time.

Hope that list helps you if you ever decide to attend a rave. If you have anything to add on, leave it in the comment section!



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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4 Responses to Thinking of attending a rave?

  1. MichaelM says:

    I wish I found something like this when I started raving haha, my poor new shoes that I wore =[.

    • Emilie says:

      *Gasp!* Who let you wear new shoes to a rave?! Haha I had done some research before my first, so I knew what to expect!

  2. GHJung says:

    can you leave a rave & then get back in?

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