Call the fashion police…

Raver fashion.
One of my favorite things about the scene is seeing the outfits people come up with. Some of them are ridiculous. Some are creative. Some are, for lack of a better word, skanky. Some are simple. Which brings me back to the idea that ravers will accept anyone!

There are different “types” of ravers and they are usually marked by their clothing choice. Some of the different groups include kandi kids, cyber ravers, goth ravers / gravers, junglists, ginos and ginas [aka “hoochies”], and rave skanks, each which have a distinct fashion and usually a favorite type of EDM [electronic dance music.]

Most of these definitions are pulled and edited from Urban Dictionary and other sites. They in no way reflect my own opinions on each other the raver types.

Kandi kids.

Kandi kids get their name for the armfuls of kandi they wear. They also tend to wear bright clothing [often featuring cartoon characters], bright hair extensions or fake dreadlocks, hair falls, fuzzy gators [loose legwarmers], visor hats, and bright makeup. Kandi kids abide by the principles of plur and tend to be very hyper, which can be due to eating large amounts of real candy, or to taking ecstasy. Some kandi kids also carry or wear pacifiers in order to prevent teeth grinding, which comes from ecstasy use. Kandi kids tend to listen to happy hardcore music, but also enjoy dubstep, angry hardcore, hardstyle, trance, and psytrance. Kandi kids are considered by some to be the most annoying ravers you’ll see, but I personally find them adorable, spreading love, offering hugs, candy, kandi, or massages, and just being friendly!

Cyber ravers.

A mix of a kandi kid and a graver… they wear baggy pants with straps, tight shirts, neon colors, hair falls, and will wear kandi [but usually silver beads and they usually only wear a couple of pieces]. Unlike most gravers, they will dance, but unlike kandi kids they don’t run around all cheerful handing out hugs/candy/kandi/etc. They aren’t secluded like most gravers, but they don’t go out of their way to befriend someone. Cyber kids tend to spend a lot of time on internet forums and buy their clothing from special “rave clothing” websites, hence the name “cyber.”


Take a goth kid, dressed in black, not dancing, and listening to darkcore or terrorcore, and stick him in a rave. There you’ve got a graver. Gravers tend to stick to themselves. They’re very rare in the rave scene… more likely to be found in a goth club by looking for whoever breaks out a glow stick


Junglists love jungle and drum n bass [dnb] music and love to have a good time. A junglist dresses like a badman, but they are very different. They wear baseball caps and jeans or camo print, however, most junglists are down to earth and just want to party.

Ginos and Ginas [aka “Hoochies”]
Well dressed, older people that really shouldn’t be at a rave… most ginos and ginas only come to party’s to pick up 15 year old e-tards [ecstasy users] or to just get a piece of ass. They dress trendy and can’t dance. My experience shows they like girls/guys to be young, as when I was 17 they used to say “You’re only 17?! That’s really hot…” and that’s when I run away.

Rave Skanks

Rave skanks are one of the first things I heard about relating to raves. These are the girls who come to a party wearing little to no clothing. They may be seen in bikinis, underwear, bras, or even just mini skirts. They usually are in high heels, which makes them stand out from a real raver [any real raver knows to wear sneakers, partying from 10 PM to 5 AM hurts your feet!] These girls are usually just at a rave to hook up and have no interest in the culture of raving or the music at all. In my experience, these girls are frowned upon by any true raver.

Although the way someone dresses can define a person at raves, the true tell-tale sign is the music they like and the attitude they wear. A kid dressed in camo who’s never heard of DNB music is certainly not a junglist and a kandi kid who sits in the corner refusing to socialize isn’t a kandi kid at all.



About Emilie

A new NYC raver just getting into the scene.
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10 Responses to Call the fashion police…

  1. MichaelM says:

    I don’t fit in any of these categories haha. How about I start a “Front and Center dancer” trend. All we do is stand front and center listening to our favorite music and dance our asses off if there’s even space while the bass rips through our bodies lol.

  2. GABRIELA says:

    i cant put myself in any of this categories, however i agree with you when you say the ravers accept anyone is something i adore about being a raver, we are there just to enjoy our atmosphere, in mister GOA GIL words, ” one with the sound one with the moment”.
    i liked your blog girl! keep it up

    • Emilie says:

      Thanks for the love!!! I also don’t put myself in any of the categories, which is what I love about raving- you don’t have to! =] I like that quote! ❤ Keep reading!

  3. Bio says:

    Errr your using my picture for Cyber ravers or cyber goths but the description is totally wrong =/ Im probably one of the most friendliest people in the world, always talking to strangers and love making new friends as do all my other “cyber” friends. Also most of our outfits are DIY. so please before you judge us and write about us, maybe get to know us first ;D

    • Emilie says:

      I’m sorry for offending you!!! If you’d like me to, I’ll take the picture down for sure. As I wrote, I edited most of the descriptions from UrbanDictionary, but please, I’d love to hear a more accurate description of Cyber ravers!!! I’ve never actually seen one at a rave so I wasn’t judging you guys, just posting what I’ve read online. Sorry again for offending you and thanks for reading! =D

  4. Sadie Dot Johnson says:

    Lol well im sort of a Kandi Raver .. but I Im mostly like a “Michael Alig Club Kid” raver ..

    Examples :

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